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Staff Picks 2017: Alexander Stein, Social Media Editor

A weatherproof backpack, a natural sleep aid, travel clothing and more.


Editor’s Note: As a collective, the Gear Patrol staff is a wealth of knowledge about products. This series is our way of showcasing and sharing our insights and endorsements. Our hope is that you enjoy it all — and perhaps discover something new you’ll love too.

I grew up in a town with a population of 179 people and spent my childhood in wanderlust for the greater world that had only been accessible through books, movies and tv shows (and later dial-up Internet). Now that I’m able, I use all the free time within my price range to go see those places in person. Below are some of the products that make each trip smoother.

Wanderlust Air Travel Compression Socks

I bought these socks before taking a trip to Vietnam last year and have worn them on every long plane, train and road trip since. They keep your feet, legs and ankles from swelling or cramping, even if you decide to polish off an extra bowl of pho before boarding.

Buy Now: $20

Outdoor Voices New Weekender Sweats

The perfect travel pant – comfortable, stylish and equipped with an elastic waistband to accommodate agressive snacking behavior.

Buy Now: $100

Sleep Tonight

This came as a suggestion from a stranger in a health food store who looked exactly like the kind of stranger you’d meet in a health food store. The dude knew his stuff because this works like a charm anytime I’m having trouble with jet lag or a restless night. The best part: there’s no hangover exhaustion the next day.

Buy Now: $29

Roaming Man Global Wifi

Roaming charges can quickly outprice a plane ticket, even with your carrier’s “plan.” I recently used this on a trip to France and didn’t have to pay a cent over my typical Verizon bill.

Learn More: Here

Canon EOS 5d Mark IV DSLR

I don’t actually have this camera but have owned two previous iterations (5D MkII and 5DS), which I have used for capturing countless concerts, events and photo shoots. It’s a hefty camera to lug around, but will always deliver whatever shots you need it to.

Buy Now: $3,299

Chrome Bravo 2.0 Backpack

I bought this after getting caught in a sudden downpour on the Williamsburg Bridge that toasted the MacBook Air inside my canvas backpack. The Bravo is totally weatherproof, with a waterproof main compartment, and has accompanied me in all types of weather around the world. Buy an insert to turn it into the best looking camera backpack, use it as carry-on or gym bag, or do as I do and use it for everything.

Buy Now: $200

Scott’s Cheap Flights

It’s hard to tell someone about this service without sounding like a snake oil salesman, but I’ve bought three international discounted roundtrip flights with Scott’s help and won’t ever be paying expected fares again.

Buy Now: $39

Klean Kanteen Water Bottle

Don’t pay $4 for a bottle of water at the airport. Empty this before going through security and fill up at a water fountain on the other side. Go with the double wall insulated series in 20oz.

Buy Now: $21

Experiments in Truth by Ram Dass

My ideal way to pass the time on a flight is to listen to something I can learn from. Ram Dass’ collection of lectures is a perennial favorite.

Buy Now: $36

The Grail

JetSuite Membership

This would make things a whole lot easier.

Learn More: Here

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