Tommy John Has Got More Than Just Base Layers

Tommy John may be best known for its undies but they’ve got a solid tee business going, too.



Tommy John is a brand probably best known for its very comfortable underwear. Howard Stern, for example, is a huge fan, and Kevin Hart loved them so much he became an investor in the company. Tommy John reinvented comfort for men by taking underwear, normally an afterthought to the average guy, and updating the design with insanely soft fabrics — that also perform. But we aren’t here to talk about base layers, the company’s taken its expertise in comfort and applied it to every aspect of guys’ apparel, even improving the humble T-shirt. The Tommy John Second Skin Tee is the softest shirt you’ll probably ever wear. It’s made from a premium Pima cotton and modal mix with just the right amount of spandex stretch. What that means is, you get a skin-friendly shirt that fits exactly how you want it to time after time, and most importantly, wash after wash. The fabric mix nixes that annoying pilling effect inferior tees suffer from, and the non-fading color keeps the Second Skin Tee looking vibrant and new, no matter how long or how many times you wear it. We also know that a wrinkled, shrunken shirt can be a real buzz-kill, too, but Tommy John’s Second Skin Tees are guaranteed unshrinkable.

The Crew-Neck Tee is most guys’ go-to from the line, but Tommy John also provides a range of necks including a V-Neck, a Henley — and the essential style-swerve, the Moroccan Tee. In a sea of polo shirts at the office, if you want to add a touch of individual swagger, a Moroccan Tee is an easy life-hack. Whether you’re planning on wearing it on its own, or layering with a blazer or denim jacket, the Second Skin Tee always looks good.

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