This Mechanical Stationery Set Is Designed to Feel Disposable but Last a Lifetime

Long-lasting pens and pencils that take the iconic shape of the Bic Cristal and make it truly timeless.

Several years ago, Tom Cowell, the Creative Director of the London design studio Apt, had a fun idea: to take the iconic hexagonal shape of a Bic Cristal and put it on something truly timeless (read: long lasting). The result was Kensa, a refillable brass pen made that resembled his favorite plastic stationery.

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This week, Apt unveiled an entire stationery set developed around this idea, complete with a pen and pencil, each available in three materials: brass, stainless steel an aluminum. “Raw brass gives a nostalgic look, whilst stainless steel offers the same weight without the patina. Aluminum is closest when it come to feeling like a Bic as it’s so lightweight,” Cowell said in an email. Live now on Kickstarter with an August delivery date.

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