The Smart Lives of Smart Men | Part 1: Today

Dinner, Discussion, Direction

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Question: How is technology changing the lives of men and the world we live in?

Rather than look to the usual pundits for the same canned responses, we decided to hunt down answers by inviting a group of friends and colleagues to the Royalton Hotel penthouse for an off the cuff conversation over dinner and Macallan to discuss — with the cameras rolling.

The resulting two films highlight candid and unscripted thoughts of men we deeply respect. There’s a good chance many of you have already encountered their work in your web wanderings. In the first video from the evening, we asked the good gents: Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean, Evan Orensten of Cool Hunting, Anthony Sperduti of Partners & Spade, Ben Pieratt of Svpply, and Richard Blakeley of Thrillist, to share how technology has changed life for them, today.

We’d like to extend a special hat tip to our partners at Intel for making this GP x Smart Life series possible. Sharing our passion for discovery, Intel’s relentless pursuit of innovation not only makes our lives better today, but tomorrow’s as well. Now that’s smart.

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