Moleskine Inspiration & Process in Architecture Series

Doodle Vicariously


Moleskines are great for jotting down personal flashes of inspiration. But what if you could purchase the Moleskines of other, equally brilliant minds — to peer into their brainstorming and creative process. That’s the idea behind the company’s new Architect and Design series ($40). The current collection dives into the brains of famed architects, Zaha Hadid, Giancarlo De Carlo, Bolles+Wilson and Alberto Kalach, through pages of notes and never before seen sketches, drawings, watercolors, and scribbles. Unlike traditional leather-bound Moleskines, the entire series also features a new clothbound exterior, with a hard, paper cover and colored spine that matches the elastic band.

Our nomination for the next topic Moleskine should tackle in this manner? First dates.

Buy Now: $40

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