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Casablanca 70th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray

Look who's back on top


Our insincere condolences to Hunger Games fans everywhere. This week we’re celebrating the release of the 70th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray of Casablanca ($45). Thanks to the Michael Bays and James Camerons of today, movies have certainly come a long way since 1942 in terms of production value. Yet this timeless classic continues to shape generations of moviegoers, turning skeptics into die-hard fans. At the tumultuous onset of WWII, our cynical protagonist (Bogart) serendipitously reunites with a newly married long lost love, played by the captivating Ingrid Bergman (note: that movie star name would never fly today). Their fond recollections of a short-lived Parisian romance are juxtaposed by the harsh Nazi-occupied realities that lay before them. As time goes by, this war drama has remained at the top of the Best-Movie-Ever lists by many-a critic; ourselves included. Bogart’s swank, Bergman’s appeal, and the lovable Dooley Wilson (Sam), among others, make for an award winning combination that will continue to captivate audiences for years to come. Here’s to looking at you, Michael Curtiz. 

Editor’s Note: All of that special anniversary packaging above contains the classic film, masterfully restored for 1080p, as well as a disc of documentaries including “Jack L. Warner: The Last Mogul” (1993), plus a full-size original poster reproduction, 62-page book, and four collectible drink coasters — or enough swag to host a terrible theme party. The DVD version is thrown in too for your less fortunate standard def. friends.

Buy Now: $45

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