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Driven by James Sallis

Driver's tale continues...


Tailgating the Oscar-nominated film noir Drive; inspired by James Sallis’s dark novel of the same name; comes the sequel Driven. Sallis’s new novel picks up with the lead character, the enigmatic “Driver”, seven years later as he attempts to transform himself from part-time stunt driver and full-time getaway driver to upstanding citizen, Paul West. In tight, action-packed prose, Sallis’s man finds escape and anonymity difficult, when he is attacked, and his fiancee is killed. Dragged back to face his past, he once again wields murder and mayhem to deal with a seemingly endless gridlock of thugs sent to kill him, while hunting down those behind it. Lucky for us, even before the ink was dry on the second novel, Refn and Gosling already indicated interest in filming the sequel. Cue the hipster electro soundtrack.

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