Kickstarter: Solid Titanium Pen + Stylus

The refill ninja


Good design has always blurred the lines between form and function, but in the case of writing utensils, it’s the latter that we default to. Now, add the new Solid Titanium Pen + Stylus (the latest Kickstarter hero project) to the mix and the line is blurred yet again. Made from TA4 titanium the entire pen from “tip-to-clip” is a featherweight as well as rust and corrosion resistant — to a “T”. The pen’s real wonder though is its ability to accept most major brand refills with ease. The added bonus of a stylus nub to jot down notes on your favorite device makes this pen what all great pens should ultimately be: utilitarian. The project is hours old, but has already skyrocketed its way to nearly $60,000 (double its $30,000 goal) as of this writing. One thing’s for sure. You can expect to be seeing these pens around on a pen nerd’s desk near you.

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