This Sommelier-Recommended Accessory Is the Ideal Addition to Any Bar Cart

Coravin’s Model 11 is the ultimate wine accessory that allows you to take single glasses of wine out of a bottle without opening it.


We’ve all done it; saved a nice bottle of wine for that special occasion, only to see that special occasion never come. But what if instead of saving that bottle, you could savor it for weeks, months or even years, celebrating each sip without impacting the quality of the wine? That’s the idea behind Coravin’s tech-forward wine preservation system. It works by inserting a specially designed needle through the bottle’s natural cork closure, pressurizing the bottle with inert, medical-grade argon gas and pouring the wine into your glass. When you’re done, simply remove the System from the bottle. The cork closure will naturally reseal and the argon gas creates a blanket over the wine, protecting it from oxidation. While all Coravin models work in a similar manner, the Model Eleven comes with some additional bells and whistles, like an LED light to communicate the status of the System and a Bluetooth connection for pairing with the Coravin Moments app to adjust your pour speed. If you’re still on the hunt for a great Father’s Day gift, the Model Eleven may spoil your old man, but it won’t spoil his favorite bottle of red. Click the link to find out more.

Buy Now: $650

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