Rewind: Patina

Beauty After Age
Benjamin Clymer

Spend some time on the web or amongst cool guys with well-groomed facial hair and you’ll hear plenty of talk about patina, a seemingly mythical quality that rarely rears its head outside of tumblr feeds. Really though, patina is just how goods are affected by time; the better the item was made, the better it ages. Perhaps the best example of a fine patina is your old man. Here are some close runners-up.

Benjamin Clymer

1966 Rolex Submariner
It’s only fitting that, for our first Patina post, we started with arguably the best-known and most desirable example: a vintage Rolex sports watch. This 1966 Submariner (ref. 5513) has just the right level of what watch collectors call, “wabi-sabi,” the Japanese word describing the celebration of impermanence and the passage of time. See More »

Olympia Werke Typewriter
Made in West Germany in the 1960s, the Olympia has the weight and finely tuned precision you’d expect from a mechanical watch. The curves, chrome, and faded yellow paint job of this Olympia rival the design of any of the new curvy, metallic computers on the market tody. See More »

1969 Jaguar E-Type
The E-Type (or XK-E as it was sometimes known) needs no introduction to car lovers. Every inch of its monocoque body was penned by Jaguar’s design genius, Sir William Lyons. Enzo Ferrari considered it to be the most beautiful car ever built. After poring over the impossibly long bonnet, bulging fenders and stubby rear end, we’re not going to argue. See More »
Jonas Elmqvist

Sony PCM-D1
Justifying the idea of spending two large on a discontinued hand-held audio recorder — especially with the recent proliferation of budget-recorders and smart phone apps — can seem downright crazy. But the Sony PCM-D1 is one serious piece of gear, engineered by serious people for serious reasons. See More »

1967 Shelby/Toyota 2000GT
The first of its kind, this 1967 Shelby/Toyota 2000GT was brought to life by none other than Mr. Carroll Shelby for the 1968 C-Production SCCA racing circuit. This was also significant, as it marked the first time a Japanese car was entered into a U.S. racing event. See More »

Yashica Electro 35 GSN
While the Yashica name is rarely whispered outside die-hard enthusiast groups, the brand holds an important part of photo history. Take for example the Yashica Electro 35 GSN fixed lens rangefinder camera. If you’re lusting after a Leica rangefinder or getting hot and bothered about some of Fujifilm’s latest digital options, you may want to head on over to eBay or Craigslist and check out the stunning Electro 35 GSN. See More »
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