Speed of Love

Watch guy? Rolex Single Red Submariner 1680.

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Watch guy? Rolex Single Red Submariner 1680. Car Guy? Late ’60s Porsche 912. Legs Guy? Well… we won’t give too much away. What we will tell you is that this three minute short written and directed by fast-rising photographer Nicholas Maggio oozes style with every well-framed shot.

Not straying too far from the familiar, the director cameos his photographic expertise: a handful of frozen frames that wouldn’t look out of place in a gallery setting. If presented with only these seven stills, viewers would get almost all of the plot — almost. Enjoy Maggio’s signature use of negative space, the protagonist’s penchant for all things cool and a smooth blanket of new wave sound. Just try not to blow too much cash in an attempt to keep up.

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