We're Testing the Jeep Wrangler 4xe Plug-In Hybrid. What Do you Want to Know?

Asked & Answered: a Reader-Submitted Q&A Series

2021 jeep® wrangler rubicon 4xe

Welcome to Asked & Answered, a series in which Gear Patrol editors back up (or burn down) your takes and answer your product questions in the name of Product Journalism.

Last fall, Jeep announced the Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid ($47,995 MSRP), a vehicle immediately considered by some to be blasphemy of the highest order, and by others to be a very welcome and logical evolution of the famous 4x4. Regardless of which camp you're in, and especially if you're somewhere in between, you probably have questions. Here's our quick primer on the Jeep Wrangler 4xe to get your wheels /differentials turning.

Lucky for you, Will Sabel Courtney, our Motoring Editor, is testing the Wrangler 4xe as you read this and will be freshly-prepared to answer all of your most pointed queries next week on an episode of The Gear Patrol Podcast next week.

Here's how it's gonna work:

  1. Drop a question in the comment section of this post (or reach us on Twitter or Instagram) before the end of this week, 4/23/2021.
  2. Subscribe to The Gear Patrol Podcast
  3. Tune in the week of April 26th to hear Nick Caruso and Will Sabel Courtney answer your questions and marvel at your insight, passion, and curiosity
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