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Designer Dalal Elsheikh talks Autonomous Vehicle UX and Equity of Mobility

The future of mobility and "living rooms on wheels," plus: we ponder whether e-Readers are still relevant and discuss what to wear to the office these days.

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Gear Patrol

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First, Dalal Elsheikh joins to discuss her career in autonomous vehicle user experience design, her insights on the automotive industry and the future of mobility. Then, are e-Readers still relevant? Amazon just introduced the next generation of its Kindle e-Readers; we talk about their features, and what place e-Readers have in today's product world. And we'll end with a discussion on post-lockdown back-to-work style. Lululemon conducted a survey that found people who have worked from home for the past many months are hoping to shift their back-to-office attire to more comfortable styles. So what is office attire these days?

Show Notes:

Episode Navigation:

  • 04:20 – Dalal Elsheikh on Autonomous Vehicle UX and the Automotive Industry
  • 35:03 – Are e-Readers Still Relevant?
  • 42:50 – Lululemon Survey Indicates People Hope to Wear Comfy Clothes to the Office

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