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Ferrari Hired Jony Ive and Marc Newson. But Why?

Ferrari hires Jony Ive, livestream shopping's rising popularity, and a biometric security dongle.

gear patrol podcast ep42
Clockwise from left: Yubico, Qilai Shen, and David Bailey

The Gear Patrol Podcast is our weekly roundtable discussion focused on products, their stories, and the culture surrounding them.

Today we're talking about the mystery behind Ferrari hiring famed Apple product designer Jony Ive and his design firm: will he be designing the Italian brand's first electric car, or a new luxury accessory line, or… something else? Then we discuss the growing popularity of livestream shopping: especially during the pandemic, many commerce brands and outlets have taken to livestream video interfaces through which viewers can buy products being discussed...as they're being discussed. Is this a trend, or is livestream shopping here to stay? And we finish with physical biometric security keys: the company Yubico has released a fingerprint-scanning USB dongle that acts as an additional level of security when you're logging in to stuff on your laptop. Is this viable tech for average consumers, or too clunky to adopt in the mainstream?

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02:41 – Ferrari Hires Jony Ive and Marc Newson

17:45 – Is Livestream Shopping... a Thing?

30:08 – Yubico's New Biometric Security Dongles

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