Our Most Popular Stories of the Week

Here are our most popular stories of the week — just in case you missed them the first time around.


Covering everything from boots to espresso machines to military-grade Humvees, these were the most popular stories of the week — just in case you missed them the first time around. Have something you think we should check out? Or just want to say hi? Drop us a line at hello@gearpatrol.com.

Triumph Builds the Most Beautiful Motorcycle In Production Today

It’s a cruel honest truth of life but some things are just prettier than others.

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How to Buy a Military-Grade Humvee For Less Than $5,000

Govplanet.com has some amazingly affordable auctions going on. Including a handful of Humvees going for around $5,000.

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The 27 Best Boots For Every Occasion

Nine types of boots, three choices each. Hop to it.

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REI Just Opened the Biggest Online Used Gear Shop Ever

Great outdoor equipment doesn’t have to be brand new.

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The Audi Q5 Represents a Standard We Should Expect From All Our Cars and SUVs

It isn’t a standout example of excellence, nor is it the bare minimum of automotive expectations, but it is a damn fine vehicle.

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The Steam Wand Is the Best Thing About Breville’s New Cafe-Quality Espresso Machine

According to a real coffee professional, Breville’s latest coffee machines really do brew professional-quality coffee.

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Recap: The Most Important Gear Releases of the Week

A look back at an entire week’s worth of gear.

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