Run Safe in Nova’s Athletic Jacket Powered by LED Lights

Never worry about not being seen by motorists or cyclists while running or biking on the road. This LED powered jacket keeps you safe.



The NOVA athletic jacket is powered by LED, so there’s never a doubt about being seen on early mornings or late night runs. It’s lightweight and breathable and with a 450-foot range of visibility and three lighting modes (high, low and flashing), cars, cyclists and other runners are bound to keep you in sight. Powered by a small rechargeable battery that’s all filled up in just 30 minutes, the jacket stays lit for up to 8 hours. NOVA has all the essentials you need in an active jacket: it’s water and wind resistant, has thumb holes, pockets for everything from your phone to your headphones, and a hood. Plus the fabric is stretchable, comfortable and machine washable — just don’t forget to remove the battery. And, if you pre-order now, you’ll save 39%.

Buy Now: $109

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