Hydro Flask’s Unbound Coolers Are Top Notch

Hydro Flask’s newest cooler collection is the perfect addition to any hike, beach day or BBQ — simply pack and go without worrying about leaks or storage issues.


Hydro Flask’s newest addition to the family is the Unbound Series, two lightweight soft-sided coolers that’ll keep everything inside cool for up to 48 hours. The backpack and tote are waterproof and comfortable enough to lug around all day long — except it’s more like a light carry since they only weigh 48 ounces or roughly three pounds. You can fit up to four different six packs, so if one friend loves IPAs, but you prefer a pilsner, there’s plenty of space to please everyone, whether you’re at a concert, barbeque or the beach. Easy-to-access side pockets provide just the right amount of space for your keys, phone, bottle opener and other essentials.

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