An Off-the-grid Messaging Device for Peace of Mind

The SPOT X is an off-the-grid device that offers two-way satellite messaging and email, the ability to post to social media and is rugged enough for any conditions.


Going into remote areas demands preparation. When there are major risks involved, having a communication option without cell phone service is crucial.

The SPOT X is an off-the-grid device that looks like a Blackberry sprouted an antenna, offering two-way satellite messaging and email with no annual commitment and affordable monthly plans. SPOT X communicates via GPS tracking and the Globalstar satellite network while providing navigation tracking by way of Google Maps. It also has the ability to post to social media. An illuminated QWERTY keyboard means it’s usable in any light, and it averages 10 days of battery life when tracking in 10-minute intervals. Impact resistant, dust and waterproof, the SPOT X can hold up just about anywhere in the world.

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