A Premium Electric Skateboard to Upgrade Your Commute

Inboard Technology’s M1 electric skateboard is an advanced e-board with a truly swappable battery for easily extending travels on the go.


The work commute is not necessarily something anyone looks forward to. For most, it means dealing with grueling traffic or the perils of public transportation — straphangers know all too well what a sardine feels like.

While electric skateboards (aka e-boards) have become more prevalent, many have battery limitations. Inboard Technology has developed last-mile transportation in the M1 e-board to ensure its PowerShift Battery can easily be swapped in seconds without any tools. That means you can extend the seven-mile range by popping in another battery. With a premium Poplar deck, regenerative braking and the added feature of head and tail lights, the M1 is a sensible option if you want to look forward to your commute every day.

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