Auto Racing Heritage Comes Alive in This Chronograph Watch

The reformulated Racing Collection of watches from Jack Mason centers around the Racing Chronograph 40mm, which is an homage to auto racing.


The chronograph watch has deep roots in automotive racing; long before digital, racing depended heavily on the chronograph for its stopwatch capabilities to accurately track time and speed. Texas-based watchmaker Jack Mason has paid homage to that heritage in their reformulated Racing Collection.

The Racing Chronograph 40mm is the centerpiece of the collection, with interior and exterior elements of mid-century sports cars made manifest in the watch’s design. The instrument panel- inspired dial, the paint scheme-inspired sub-dials and perforated leather strap (it’s also available in a stainless bracelet) are just a few of the details intended to honor both time and speed. With details like a tachymeter bezel and a racecar etched into the case back, the Racing Chronograph is an affordable watch that punches well above its weight.

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