The Training Socks That Have Your Feet Covered

The Cooldown Tab training sock from Stance offers a more comfortable workout that will take your mind off your feet.


You shouldn’t have to think about your socks. They should do their job so you can do yours, without distraction. But not all socks are created equal, and not all socks handle the rigors of an intense workout. Stance’s Cooldown Tab Training socks with FEEL360 are the perfect solution.

Sporting Stance’s revolutionary FEEL360 fiber technology, these are socks that think on your feet, maximizing freshness, dryness, and durability. FEEL360 fibers are engineered to eliminate 99.995% of odor-causing bacteria, wick moisture 20% more efficiently, and be two-times more durable than any sock in its class. Featuring a tab that rises just above the heel collar of your shoe with a medium thickness, the Stance Cooldown Tab provides vented cushioning for a secure and comfortable fit. They’re also equipped with an anatomically correct, engineered arch support that fights foot fatigue during intense activity. The Stance Cooldown Tab with FEEL360 is your ideal technical training sock — the first time you try them, you’ll know.

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