Tudor’s Dive Lineage Has Led to This Striking Timepiece

The TUDOR Black Bay Bronze dive watch is the latest in a long line of dive watches being understated, functional and reliable tools.


TUDOR dive watches have followed a philosophy of function before form since 1954. Having supplied some of the greatest navies in the world over the years, TUDOR has laid down the aesthetic and technical foundations of an understated, functional and reliable tool. A recent product of this approach is the TUDOR Black Bay Bronze timepiece.

Featuring a stunning 43mm aluminum-bronze alloy case, the Black Bay Bronze references the use of bronze in historic ships and diving equipment. The choice of this metal, over time, offers a subtle and warm patina unique to its wearer’s body temperature and climate. The timepiece has also inherited the general lines, dial and domed crystal from the very first TUDOR dive watches. With its characteristic snowflake hands inspired by those of the watches supplied to the French National Navy in the 1970s, the Black Bay Bronze takes TUDOR’s diving history and elevates it to new levels.

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