Holzkern Makes One-of-a-Kind Watches from Wood and Stone

Austrian watch brand Holzkern makes its watches using natural elements like wood and stone to remind wearers of the world around us.

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Holzkern Watches

Most individual watches are made to look identical to the others manufactured as that watch model. That’s what we pay for, to know exactly what we’re getting. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to wear a watch that’s unlike anything else.

Austrian watch brand Holzkern creates unique timepieces that differ from one to the next by using materials with distinct textures, such as hardwood and stone, ensuring that no two watches are alike. By bringing earthly elements onto the wrist, Holzkern watches reference picturesque landscapes and notable urban spaces. The modern style and natural aesthetic in collections like the Cross Country and the Skyline make these timepieces reminders of the world around us. If you are looking for a watch that is made with alternative materials, is sporty yet still noble, Holzkern Watches will serve you well. Both the Skyline and Cross Country collections offer incredible quality and start at affordable price points.

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