A Compact and Lightweight Automatic Sliding Knife

The Takt Mini Urban Camo serrated knife from Tekto Gear is an automatic knife that is sturdy yet compact enough for everyday carry.


For a sturdy and compact daily knife option, Tekto Gear has plenty to choose from. The Takt Mini Urban Camo is a strong and durable sliding knife with a serrated blade that measures 2.75-inches. Its operation is equipped with the latest spring technology that is manufactured in the US. The design and materials of the Takt Mini make the knife feel substantial, yet light enough for everyday carry.

This commendable EDC automatic knife is currently available exclusively to Gear Patrol readers with a 15% discount when you enter the code GP15 at checkout.

Note: Owning and carrying an automatic knife isn’t legal in every state due to the Federal Switchblade Act. You can check how the law works in your state here.

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