A Muscle Performance and Recovery Lotion in One

Amp Human Performance’s PR Lotion is a performance and recovery lotion in one that utilizes a biocarbonate to reduce acid and fuel muscles.


When it comes to muscle fatigue, we tend to focus on the recovery side. But it’s also important to consider the pre-activity phase as well — as preparation is key to reducing muscle soreness.

Amp Human Performance’s PR Lotion buffers the acids produced during exercise, which makes it both a performance and recovery lotion in one. Delivering more of the sodium bicarbonate that our bodies naturally produce, it targets muscles and strips out acid build-up. When applied pre-workout, PR Lotion has been clinically proven to reduce muscle soreness by 53%. Helping muscles go for longer and recover quicker, PR Lotion could be that extra performance and quicker recovery edge you’ve been searching for.

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