Don’t Head Into the Outdoors Without This Simple Accessory

The ZipStitch Laceration Kit is a simple wound closure device that comes in a tiny envelope, making it a must-have on any outdoor excursion.


Picture this scenario: you’re out in the wilderness hiking, trail riding, or rock climbing and you take a spill. You’ve got a gash that’s definitely going to need stitches, but you’re hours from a hospital. While it’s not a life-threatening wound, it’s certainly something that needs to be closed soon.

Enter the ZipStitch Laceration Kit. This wound closure device allows anyone to effectively treat minor cuts in seconds no matter where you are. ZipStitch can close wounds up to 1.5 inches long, but if you’re unfortunate enough to suffer a bigger cut, you can just use a few of them strung together. Since ZipStitch comes in a tiny envelope, it’s a no-brainer to pack on any adventurous endeavor.

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