You Need Travel Pants. Devereux Makes a Great Pair

The Passport Pant from Devereux is optimal for traveling with a four-way stretch, a lightweight quality and elevated comfort.


A reliable pair of pants that can be utilized on your travels is a necessity in our on-the-go world. They should be comfy, able to be dressed up or down and have plenty of storage room for all your necessities. If you’re in need of a pair, let us suggest the Passport Pant from Devereux.

The Passport Pant is a modern version of the basic chino that’s fabricated to be wrinkle resistant. They offer a four-way stretch and are made from a combination of nylon, cotton, polyester and spandex. This makes them lightweight and comfortable while sitting on a plane, standing in a security line or just trekking around. The Passport Pant ticks all the boxes when it comes to having an optimal pair of pants that can help you go wherever you’re heading.

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