Need to Buy Someone Flowers? This Everlasting Rose Is the Smarter Option.

The Everlasting Rose from Rosephoria offers a smart, cost-effective alternative to bouquets that also cuts down on waste.


A fresh bouquet of flowers is a thing of beauty. But it can also be extremely wasteful, considering fresh roses last a week (if you’re lucky). A preserved or everlasting rose is an eco-friendly alternative that can bring much more than just a week of happiness.

The Everlasting Rose from Rosephoria is that smart option that cuts down on waste. It lasts up to a year, and it is also a cost-effective alternative to constant bouquets of flowers: a 9-inch stem costs $150, while the 11-inch costs $190. It doesn’t hurt that they look rather enchanting under a crystal glass dome, which comes with every order.

Use discount code Gear10 for 10 percent off the Rosephoria Everlasting Rose.

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