This Is the Fragrance To Remind You of All the Adventures Worth Having

Montblanc’s perfumers scoured the globe for the perfect ingredients for the new Explorer Eau de Parfum Spray, to craft a worldy scent.


The perfect smell can transport you across the globe. The scent of a place — and the accompanying memories — can stay with you forever, evoking the adventures of younger days and the people you shared them with. The unique power of scent was certainly in the minds of Montblanc’s perfumers as they scoured the globe for the perfect ingredients for the new Explorer Eau de Parfum Spray. The expert team sourced all those components to craft a masculine, aromatic fragrance, something worldly and wild but with enough restraint to attract the kind of attention you want. Such an undertaking required trips to find the right Sicilian Bergamot, the perfect vetiver from Haiti and a perfectly-balanced Indonesian Patchouli — exclusively grown for Montblanc to the highest ethical standards and an impeccable level of quality control. All of these fine ingredients come distilled and packaged in a boldly handsome European-crafted bottle, the perfect accent for your dresser top or preparation space. Whether you find yourself tomorrow at home, ordering room service in an urban hotel room or rising with the sun in a beachside lodge, the scent of Montblanc’s Explorer Eau de Parfum will remind you that this, too, is an adventure worth having.

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