The Adventure Insurance You Never Knew You Needed

Spot offers up an injury insurance subscription service that provides protection for all matter of adventures from skiing to rock climbing.


If you have a taste for adventure — which is probably a safe bet here — then you probably also think about taking safety precautions before heading out. And while you can buy all the best gear available and can be a seasoned expert, you still need peace of mind. Whether you are hitting the slopes, diving below the waves, or repelling down a sheer rock face, you should probably have injury insurance. This is where Spot comes in. A radical departure from the insurance companies you are used to dealing with, Spot offers a subscription service that pays up to $20,000 toward your out-of-pocket medical expenses for physical injuries. It starts at just $20 per month, and as long as your treatment was recommended by a licensed physician, you’ll be reimbursed the full cost of treatment.

No one plans on getting injured, but you can plan to be covered in the event that the worst-case scenario happens — whether you need reconstructive knee surgery or just a few stitches. From cycling and surfing to rock climbing and skiing, Spot delivers injury insurance policies that are great whether you have health insurance or not. The service is available in 17 states, and plans to be live in all 50 by 2020. There’s no deductible, co-pay or schedule of benefits that outlines the max amount you’d get back per injury. And best of all, you’re covered no matter where in the world your injury takes place — so get out there and explore.

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