Scientists Developed a Solution to Eliminate Jet Lag

Before boarding the plane for your next big trip, grab this solution to keep you hydrated and ready to go.


There’s nothing worse than losing out on the first day of your trip because of jet lag. The air in a plane cabin is three times drier than that of the Sahara desert; combine that with the intense pressure of the altitude, and it’s a one-two punch for dehydration, which affects your cognitive functions, emotional stability and productivity. The average male will lose 2 liters of fluids over a 10-hour flight.

To counteract these conditions, the scientists at ERW have developed a physiologically-tailored solution to keep you hydrated and energized: My Flight Pack. Developed with top-riders in the Tour de France, this three-step powdered hydration solution will change the way you fly. First, the Prep sachet is there to prepare you for the high and dry cabin. Then the Rest packet will help you relax and stay hydrated. When you are back on the ground, you round it out with the Wake formula, which has 21g of protein, which helps with blood flow and oxygen to the brain, heightening cognitive functions. By drinking the adaptogen-rich solution before, during and after the flight, your body will absorb the fluids and minerals, and you can hit the ground running. And you’ll be in good company with NBA, MLB and NFL players using My flight Pack to optimize their traveling.

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