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8 Products our Readers Recommend, and One Thing They Want You to Avoid

We rounded up the gear that our readers tested lately, their thoughts on it and whether or not they would recommend it.

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We asked what gear our readers used, and you guys really turned out. From outdoor and fitness gear to tech products, here are the eight things you guys recommended and the one thing you think others should stay away from. If you have something to say about the gear you’ve tried, fill out the survey at the bottom and your review might show up in a later post.

Reader Recommendations
Outdoors and Fitness
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Outdoors and Fitness

Garmin Instinct

Would they recommend it? Yes

“This is an excellent GPS watch. It provides all the relevant data to your activities at a glance, or at the worst, a few button clicks. It was tough enough to survive more than one crash, but is light enough to forget you are wearing such a powerful tool. It is an excellent companion for any adventure.”
— John, North Carolina

Buy Now: $300

Ocoee Seclud GX 27.5+

Would they recommend it? Yes

“I love it! For a full-suspension bike, it has an incredibly light feel and climbs like hard tail.” — Gray, Chattanooga

Buy Now: $4,100

Hyperice Hypersphere

Would they recommend it? Yes

“It’s like having your massage therapist on call 24/7. It melts the knots in my calves after a few hours of pickup basketball or a long day on the trail. I love using my PT’s Hypervolt, but the Hypersphere gives you the most bang for your buck. It’s a must-have recovery tool.” — Ari, Los Angeles

Buy Now: $150

RX Nut Butter

Would they recommend it? Yes

“In only three days of testing, I’m already considering carrying these on me everywhere. Easy to pack, full of protein, healthy fats, and not to mention delicious. A little on the pricey side, but you can tell you are paying for quality.” — Tom, Iowa

Buy Now: $18Read Our Coverage: Here

Filson Original Leather Conditioner

Would they recommend it? Yes

“I started conditioning my old duffle and was soon swept away into a forest of huge pine trees and Douglas fir. Before I knew it I was conditioning my leather jacket and old chair and could see why the sales man said we use this for everything, skin included.” — Zeph, New York City

Buy Now: $18


iPhone XR

Would they recommend it? No

“I upgraded from an iPhone 7 on August 31st to an iPhone XR. I’ve been testing the camera, running several apps at once (including editing short videos with iMovie), and some games. While the phone itself is a significant step up in terms of processing speed and screen quality, I have to give it a one out of 10 for one specific reason: when it slipped off my desk and landed on the carpet, the entire rear glass panel shattered. The screen survived thankfully, but this phone’s durability is a fraction of what older models had. Do not recommend.” — Alex, Ottawa

Buy Now: $399+Read Our Coverage: Here


Would they recommend it? Yes

“This allows you to stream over-the-air (OTA) broadcast channels to all smart devices connected to your Wi-Fi using one antennae. It can also connect a USB hard drive to DVR OTA channels. The best part is it integrates seamlessly with my Sling streaming app (Android/Apple/Amazon). The setup was easy, and I was able to watch 30+ broadcast channels on my smart TVs, phone and tablets.” — Tim, Indianapolis

Buy Now: $80

Sony Apple CarPlay Media Receiver

Would they recommend it? Yes

“The sound quality is good, battery life is excellent and the noise cancellation is second to none. They instantly connect to my iPhone and being able to cycle through the noise cancellation modes is helpful.” — Joel, Washington D.C.

Buy Now: $250


Urth Face Scrub with Green Tea & Rice

Would they recommend it? Yes

“My search is over for an effective and efficient facial scrub. My acne-prone, oily skin met its match with this particular exfoliator. Moreover, the scent was pleasingly natural and aromatically inviting. Overall, this was an invigorating product that truly prepped my mug for a nice, clean shave.”
— Patrick, Melbourne

Buy Now: $38

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