John Allan’s Chicago Launch Party Invitation Raffle (Winners!)

We announce the lucky few chosen to rub elbows with us (and some other VIPs) at the upcoming John Allan’s Chicago Launch Party.


Well dear readers, it’s high time we unveil the list of honorees; yes, I’m talking about those lucky few loyalists who, by their own gumption of having entered and by the sheer luck of having been chosen, will get the chance to saunter into John Allan’s new Chicago location for Thursday’s Grand Opening Party.

While there, be sure an introduce yourselves to Eric and Ben, the Gear Patrol staffers who drew the tough assignment of representing us at the soiree. They’ll be the dapper looking gents by the bar and they’ll be more than pleased to make your acquaintence… particularly if your introduction comes with a double of well-aged Scotch… neat, of course. List of our raffle winners after the jump.

The winners are:

  • Charles Tucker
  • Ben Dahl
  • Andrew Schwartz
  • Brian Sylvester
  • Matt Satorius
  • Allen Maniscalo
  • Todd Milligan
  • Mike Turner
  • Miro Vejchoda
  • John Head
  • Roan Low
  • Jason Siglasky
  • Mark Sabat
  • Michael D. Cattanach
  • Pavel Guarneros
  • Omar P. White
  • Cameron Allen
  • Monte Mann
  • Eric Chin
  • Craig Isgro
  • Richard Wu.
  • Jordan Ho
  • Greg Baugues
  • Trevor Frederickson
  • Aditya Rastogi
  • Christian Zaguirre
  • Emily Zielinski

    Winners will been notified via email shortly (doublecheck your spam filters for sthorpey @ with the good news and further details on the event. As for the rest of you, we intend to continue hooking you up with great gear giveaways, so keep an eye out for the next big thing. For now, you can check out our hommage to the BBC’s Top Gear for an opportunity to win the show’s 10th season on DVD. Happy entries!

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