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This Week in Culture: January 31, 2014

There’s too much damn information floating around these days: interesting things to read, beautiful places to see, impressive figures to remember. Lucky for you, your weekly digest of culture starts right here.

Brian Duffy

Dress to ImpressThe 100 Best Dressed Men of the Last 100 Years.
Rising StarsThis girl committed to play soccer for college. And Apple just celebrated its 30th anniversary.
Elementary, My Dear HolmesTake my car. Take my money. Hell, take anything. But don’t tell me that Sherlock Holmes was a bad detective.
Flaky and WhiteThe secret of salt, a lot of snow, $37 million worth of cocaine, and Edward Snowden (nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize).
Da BearsThis week has been all about football. Breaking Madden, economic arguments, upset cheerleaders, nip-slips and an our beginner’s guide to betting the Super Bowl.
State of the GatesBill Gates continues to tackle poverty myths with his annual letter.
Hipsters Go HuntingNot content with closet hydroponics and dumpster diving, the sustainable set has taken up a new hobby: hunting.
The Fault in our StarsThe book phenom becomes a movie. NSFW (if you’re inclined toward crying).
Brick by BrickPlay with Legos at your desk. Also NSFW, but only because you’re going to waste a lot of time. Also in Legos, Dr. Strangelove. And apparently there’s a Lego movie coming out next week?
Handle With Kid GlovesGet your government hands out of my alcoholic drinks. If that doesn’t bother you, this story about Cold War backpack nukes might do it.

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