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Today in Gear: September 4, 2014

Today in Gear: Samsung’s new Galaxy Note Edge, the Lumo Lift posture tracker, a new Polaris ATV, and more.



2016 Mazda MX-5
Mazda makes good on its promise to deliver a wholly new Miata. Just unveiled, it not only shows off crisper, edgier sheet metal via the Kodo design language, it also drops around 220 pounds, putting it somewhere in the ballpark of 2,200. No powertrain details as yet, but the new small roadster will be infused with Mazda’s Skyactive technologies and should promise the kind of handling and connectedness the Miata has always been famous for. mazda.com

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
The new Samsung Galaxy Note Edge economizes screen real estate by redefining screen real estate. Recently revealed over at The Verge, Samsung’s new smartphone essentially has two screens blended into one: a main one, which wraps partially around one edge of the phone to create the second screen, which serves as a toolbar during regular use and will have a variety of other uses. The phone also boasts all of the latest Samsung Galaxy software. theverge.com

Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480
It’s taken hardware designers a while to really nail Bluetooth, but it seems Logitech has done it. Their new keyboard is compatible with just about every OS and smart device out there, and can sync with three devices at the same time. This means that with the flip of a switch, you could easily hop back and forth between an iMac, a Droid, and a Windows tablet, if you were so inclined. logitech.com

STIGA Studio Table
STIGA’s Studio is a table tennis surface with a built-in 2,800-watt sound system, delivering 360-degree sound. If you doubt that your next paddle battle really needs Kicker 12-inch Solo-Baric L7 Subwoofers and LED underlighting, try playing under a black light; you need a thumping drum and bass soundtrack. Look for this at clubs in the near future; it beats the hell out of bocce ball. stigaus.com

WellPath Customized Nutritional Supplements
Consulting a nutritionist is expensive, and self medicating through Wikipedia is unwise. WellPath is cheaper and smarter than those two options; just fill out a survey and note what is most important to you (emotional or physical health, your immune system, etc.) and WellPath will mail you the appropriate monthly nutritional supplements, adjusting dosage based on your feedback. gowellpath.com ()

Polaris ACE Off-Road Vehicle
Off-roading is something every driver should experience. The Polaris ACE is a solid entry-level ATV for newbies and a respectable ride for the converted, with automotive-style operation that should make transition easy for the former, as well as On-Demand True All-Wheel-Drive, a system that can detect when AWD is necessary and shift accordingly from two-wheel-drive. $7,499

Troy-Bilt Jet
Homeowners, prepare for fall. Troy-Bilt promises to ease the headache of cleaning up fallen leaves with the new Jet leaf blower, which utilizes a “mixed flow” fan design to boost air speed and volume (650CFM). Less time struggling on the front lawn means more time for pumpkin pie. troybilt.com ()

Lumo Lift Posture Tracker
Does anyone still balance books on their heads to learn good posture? The Lumo Lift posture tracker works better and is much less conspicuous. A small, light device that clips onto your clothing, the Lift vibrates gently when it detects you’re slouching and tracks your posture patterns throughout the day, along with calories you burn and steps you take. $100

The 60-Year History of the B-52 Stratofortress
When General Nathan Twining, chief of staff of the U.S. Air Force from 1953 to 1957, called the Boeing B-52 “the long rifle of the air age” shortly after it entered service on June 29, 1955, no one imagined that the eight-engine, 390,000-pound bomber would still be operational 60 years later. Read This Article
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