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Today in Gear: October 29, 2014

Today in Gear: Trion Supercars — handmade in America, Fitbit’s sleekest wearable, Topo and Woolrich collaborate a second time and more.



Topo Designs x Woolrich Fall Collection
Topo products exude Colorado: strong enough for a hiker and sensible enough for an urbanite. They’ve paired up with Woolrich, a Pennsylvania-based wool miller, for the second time to put out a new line of rucksacks, duffels and accessory bags. In lieu of Topo’s usual CORDURA fabric, these new bags are 100 percent wool, and feature snap closures, bright contrasting zippers and colorful straps and cord loops — and like all Topo products, they’re 100 percent made in the USA. topodesigns.com

Trion Nemesis
It might not have the lines of a Ferrari, but that might just be a reason to buy the homegrown supercar known as the Trion Nemesis. Hand built in America, it’s looks part car, part spacecraft, with rakish lines and large enough vents to suck up small children. Most frighteningly, it’s expected to have upwards of 2,000 horsepower and rocket to 60 in 2.8 seconds. Strap your face in. trionsupercars.com

Berns Kingston + Rollins Ski Helmets
Having first staked their claim with bike-specific helmets, Bern’s new line of ski helmets is designed specifically to take advantage of your crouching figure. Its Zip Mold Plus allows for a lower profile helmet than what you’re typically used to — and that reduced bulk means sleeker integration of its 10 air vents. The Kingstons allow for manual configuration of airflow, while the Rollins double down on thinness. $130+

Amazon Fire TV Stick
The war for TV streaming dominance heats up with the Amazon Fire TV Stick. By Amazon’s count, the Stick has four times the storage and twice the memory of Chromecast; it also allows you fling apps other than Chrome to your television from your computer. But best of all for anyone who’s ever had their stream of Boardwalk Empire halted by a rotating “loading” symbol: it boasts the “ASAP” system, which learns what shows you’re likely to watch so that they start instantly. $39

Word. BYOB Bundle
BYOB means “build your own bundle”, in this case. Word. should be your go-to for portable paper notebooks, if it isn’t already: their covers are 100 percent consumer recycled, their paper is acid-free, and they’re bound in the USA. The bundle is a great gift for the feverish creative type in your family: ten different notebooks, just in case he or she loses six of them. $25

Fitbit Charge
Whatever your arguments for or against wearables, Fitbit’s latest is pretty tough to argue against. Inconspicuously sleek, it handles all your requisite wearable metrics (steps, calories burned, etc.), syncs with your phone to provide caller ID, and with both your phone and computer to provide fitness updates — all of this on a tiny OLED display that doesn’t call attention to itself. $130

The Giant TCX Advanced Pro 0 Is a Cyclocross Game Changer
Giant has emerged as a super power in cyclocross with weaponry that puts it ahead of the pack in the form of the TCX Advanced Pro 0 ($7,450), a fierce machine that’s fully strapped with everything that’s changing the game. Read this story
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