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Today in Gear: December 31, 2014

Shinola’s handcrafted Horween leather briefcase, Snow Peak’s versatile Camp Candle, a snow shredder by Briggs & Stratton, Fishman Fluence’s reimagined electric guitar pickups and more.



Shinola Signature Briefcase
Nothing complements a fresh new suit like an equally natty briefcase (and swagger). Shinola has pushed out a signature briefcase that fits the bill. Deceivingly robust, with gunmetal-finished brass and handcrafted in the USA from Horween Essex leather; however its price isn’t insignificant. But be reassured, this travel companion will last for years to come. $950

Briggs & Stratton 922EXD Snowblower
As far as the East Coast is concerned, it’s been a mild winter (Buffalo snowstorms notwithstanding). But the coldest months still lie ahead. Briggs & Stratton’s new snowblower features SnowShredder Serrated Auger technology: 14 slicing surfaces to break up snow more efficiently. It’s powerful and easy to use, making it perfect for the inevitable heavy snowfall. briggsandstratton.com

Snow Peak Camp Candle
In all likelihood, campers won’t use this in the wild. What use is a scented candle (aside from light) when you can smell the real thing? But that’s not its purpose: With notes of citronella, Japanese cedar, lemon and fall leaves, this candle invites Nature indoors. And once the candle burns out, the empty all-purpose steel cup can be used on the trail. $40

Fishman Fluence Electric Guitar Pickups
Fishman Fluence has released three completely re-imagined electric guitar pickups: Single Width for Stratocaster, Classic Humbucker, and Modern Humbucker. Each is multi-voiced, eliminates inductance issues, will recharge on your guitar and features a Fluence Core to easily supplant copper wire-wound pickups. Rock ‘n’ roll. fluence.fishman.com

Camera51 App
Most people know they aren’t professional photographers. But the idea of needing an app to simply frame a photo is a little demeaning. However, this new Android app is the real deal. It identifies lines, people and objects with its Aim-Box function and then shows users where to point the camera in order to take the best possible shot. So disregard your ego for a sec and try it — after all, it’s free. Free

The Equalizer Blu-Ray
Why would anybody still mess with Denzel? He’s kicked too much ass to count; this action flick, from the director of Training Day, proves it once again. After unknowingly taking out some high-level mobsters, Denzel gets himself into some pretty dire circumstances — which is to say that people mess with him and soon learn why they shouldn’t. $19

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