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Today in Gear: January 13, 2015

Neon signs, repurposed Southwest Airlines seats, Intel’s computer in a stick and more.



Intel Compute Stick
This is actually a computer in a stick: It’s preinstalled with Windows 8.1 or Linux. Its 4-inch-long body includes a quad-core Intel Atom processor, built-in wireless connectivity, on-board storage and a micro SD card slot for additional storage. Plug it directly into the HDMI port on a TV or computer monitor and you’ll have a full PC experience. Intel will be selling it directly to consumers on their website in the near future, echoing Microsoft’s Surface release. intel.com

Looptworks Southwest Luv Weekender Duffle Bag
Who doesn’t want part of an airplane? Looptworks repurposes Southwest Airlines seats into blue-and-brown leather bags, which conserves over 4,000 gallons of water and avoids 72 percent of CO2 emissions typical of bag manufacturing. They partnered with a non-profit organization and employed disabled adults to deconstruct and clean the seats. If that effort wasn’t enough for you, it’s also a great-looking duffle. $225

Sony MDR-1ABT Wireless Stereo Headset
For CES 2015, Sony updated its popular MDR headphone lineup with the black-and-red MDR-1ABT. The wireless model incorporates touch sensor control via NFC so you can pause and skip forward without reaching into your pocket. With echo cancellation and noise suppression, the sound is clear and balanced. And besides the great sound quality and simple design, they’ll be comfortable on your head for hours. sony.com

Qalo Men’s Silicone Ring
Wearing a traditional metal wedding band on the jobsite could be a recipe for disaster, but so might not wearing it. Qalo produces a non-conductive, non-porous silicone ring that’s durable enough for hands-on work. They’re stamped with a “Hammer and Pick” icon, symbolizing the craftsmanship that went into producing it. $20

Liquid Co. Key Caddy
Other key holders have come out on Kickstarter before, but here’s one that works: Liquid Co. found out that 55 percent of males surveyed said they’d been poked in the balls by their keys. So they decided to create a key holder that doesn’t, and that looks good to boot. The Swiss Army-like piece incorporates extension posts, brass screws, nylon spacers and nylon washers. Just hope you don’t join that 55 percent between now and May, when the Key Caddy is expected to ship. ~$30

Neon Mfg. Signs
Who doesn’t walk into a bar and want to steal every neon sign? If you’ve looked into buying them, it looks like buying a whole bar would be more cost effective. Luckily Neon Mfg. offers reasonably priced, quality signs in a variety of designs with slogans like “Youth Has No Age” and “Who Dares, Wins”. They come with a one-year warranty, and the acrylic tubes last up to 8 years of continuous use. $120+

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