Today in Gear: March 6, 2015

A private-minded smartphone, smart cameras, lots of whiskey and more.



Wyoming Whiskey
The Tetons aren’t the only thing Wyoming has going for it: now it can count a whiskey distillery to its name. Wyoming Whiskey is a small-batch distillery with a focus on bourbon, the ingredients of which are sourced right from the Cowboy State. The whiskey is becoming available in more and more states along the Midwest and West Coast.

Blackphone 2
Whether you’re a Sony Pictures exec or a spy, you have every reason to want to up your office security. Silent Circle’s newly updated Blackphone is a worthwhile upgrade. The second Blackphone upgrades the proprietary PrivateOS 1.1, which works atop Android and compartmentalizes the phone’s functions for improved security in the event of a hack. Users can continue obsessing upgrading their privacy with security-oriented apps from the Silent Store.

Panasonic Nubo
No modern security system, home or office, is complete without a smart camera. Panasonic’s new Nubo smart camera is a unique entry in the budding market: it’s 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE compatible, giving it a big leg up over cameras that rely solely on wi-fi. Its features are many: it’s weather resistant, making it a fine indoor and outdoor camera; it can utilize both cloud and microSD storage; it boasts streaming and speakerphone capabilities, and it’s compatible with other smart sensors and devices.

Jim Beam Pre-Prohibition Rye Whiskey
Those with more mainstream whiskey tastes can lean on Jim Beam, whose upcoming Pre-Prohibition Rye Whiskey utilizes one of the company’s oldest family recipes. Bottled at 90 proof, the new spirit promises spicy warmth, a “black pepper bite that gives way to vanilla and oak undertones”. ()

200GB SanDisk Ultra MicroSD Card
True privacy obsessives don’t mess with cloud storage. SanDisk’s new 200GB microSD has just about enough memory to store your entire life. What’s more: at a transfer speed of 90MB per second — or 1,200 photos per minute — it won’t leave you staring angrily at a loading screen.

Bittermilk New Mixers (no. 5 and 6)
Bittermilk, our favorite pre-made mixer concocted by pro mixologists, has released two new brews: Charred Grapefruit Tonic and Oaxacan Old Fashioned. The former blends lemon juice and cinchona bark, grapefruit peels and locally sourced sea salt, while the latter draws flavor from dried Mexican chiles, cocoa nibs, spices, raisins and cocoa husks. $15/ea

The Best Sipping Rums from Around the World
We took a rum tasting tour with Kenneth McCoy, owner of The Rum House and Ward III in NYC. From all around the world, these are the best sipping rums for aficionados, recent converts and skeptics alike. Read this story
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