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Today in Gear: April 2, 2015

Interstellar on Blu-Ray, soap made from nature, African tribe leather sneakers and more.



Buck Mason Pima Crew Tee
Say what you will about reinventing the wheel; Buck Mason has taken their classic Slub Crew Tee and made it more comfortable. They rebuilt their popular design with breathable pima cotton that makes for the ideal undershirt and can even hold its own alone. American ingenuity in action. $28

Juniper Ridge Winter Redwood Trail Soap
Between aerosol body sprays and synthetic Day-Glo-colored shower gels, it’s time you got back in tune with nature. Juniper Ridge’s Winter Redwood Trail Soap uses tree pitch, seaweed and sand from California’s coastal canyons. The next best thing is to actually shower under a waterfall in Redwood National Park. $45

Allet SoftTech Nylon Original Wallet
A stuffed wallet is always a good problem to have, but the awkward and uncomfortable bulge that comes with it is something you can do without. Allet’s SoftTech Nylon Original Wallet lets you keep all your cash and cards but holds a slim profile thanks to their patented side-by-side design. Its durable cross-stitched SoftTech Nylon construction ensures that your cards will expire before the wallet does. $20

Phaiton MS 100 BA Headphones
Getting portable studio-quality sound usually entails large and cumbersome headphones. Phaiton’s MS 100 BA headphones scale down the size but don’t compromise on the sound. The MS 100 BA uses sound-isolating technology to produce that sought-after in-studio sound from compact and easy-to-store earbud headphones. $79 ()

Interstellar on Blu-Ray and DVD
The mind-bending epic Interstellar has been off the big screen for a while now. Now you can own it on Blu-Ray or DVD and watch it between episodes of Cosmos and Through the Wormhole to really melt your brain. $20

Roots Italian Sneaker
The product of an intercontinental collaboration, Roots’ Italian Sneaker was designed in Canada, handcrafted in Italy and made with the company’s signature tribe leather and Africa colorway. It’s a modern take on a classic shoe with high-quality construction. $218

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