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Today in Gear: April 9, 2015

A cycling app that earns you cash, Star Wars goes digital, full-scale-priced 1:8 model cars and more.



Rugged Ridge Exo-Top
Top down, doors optional is the best way to take on the outdoors in the summer in a Jeep. The bare-bones configuration is synonymous with Jeeps everywhere, but limits roof rack capabilities. Rugged Ridge Exo-Top lets you keep your minimalist setup and gives you maximum rooftop storage. The top-mounted rack has a 300-pound load limit and can stay in place as you remove your Jeep’s soft top cover. Now you don’t have to choose between mountain biking, road biking, kayaking, etc. $1,734

Faraday Porteur
If you commute into work by bike or have ever ridden in an urban environment, you know pedal power isn’t always enough. The Porteur is Faraday’s new flagship electric bike. Its boost mode gives you a chance to take the cabbies off the line and leave your friends in the dust, while its compact battery stays tucked out of the way and charges by plugging into a standard outlet. And most importantly, the eight-speed belt smooths out your ride and eliminates pant grease. $3,500

Star Wars Digital Movie Collection
Building up to the long-awaited Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, Disney is releasing the Star Wars Digital Movie Collection. For the first time ever, all six episodes are available in digital HD on April 10. The collection includes bonus behind-the-scenes content and interviews. Still no word on who really shot first, though. Learn More

Amalgam Handmade Model Cars
Cars are insanely complicated feats of engineering. So, scaling them down to 1:8 the size and keeping them visually accurate takes a surgeon’s hand, an incredible attention to detail, and enough man hours to rival the assembly of an actual automobile. And for that you can expect to part with a similar amount of cash. No insurance required. $65,000

Strava “You Ride, We Pay” App
Beefing up your cycling game is hard work; it’s not like everyone has a Tour de France to strive for as a goal. That’s why Competitive Cyclist and Strava want to make your longer rides worth your while. For every hour you ride, you earn $1 in store credit and can earn up to $40 a month. Single tracking? Endurance training? Casual jaunts with the family? Earn while you burn. Learn More

SnapPower USB Charger
Phones, speakers, chargers, they all seem to use USB adapters — and unless you have a surge protector sprouting from every outlet in your home, you have to decide what appliance takes a back seat when your phone needs juice. Snap Power’s USB Charger keeps the standard plugs open and adds a USB dock the outlet plate. You don’t need an electrical engineering degree to install it; all you need to do is replace your outdated cover plate. Learn More

The 7 Watches of Summer 2015
Put down the Patek. These seven watches are perfect for summer adventures — and they all cost less than $1,000. Read this story

Gear Patrol Needs Your Help
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