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Today in Gear: July 9, 2015

Custom cargo bikes by Porterlight Bringley, a worldwide romance study by Aziz Ansari , a military-inspired bag by Fidelis and more.



Porterlight Bringley Custom Cargo Bike
When it comes to the architecture of a standard bicycle, cargo space is very much an afterthought. The Porterlight Bringley Custom Cargo Bike doesn’t just haphazardly throw a rack over the rear wheel or fasten a basket to the handlebars, it has the storage capabilities built right into it. A flat cargo deck can be easily swapped out for an aluminum crate or even a two-child bike seat, depending on your toting needs. $2,842

Tailfeather Rooster Dopp Kit
As a multi-purpose carrying case, the Tailfeather Rooster Dopp Kit looks dapper in any environment. The top-grain leather and unique opening system lends itself nicely anywhere from a workbench to a bathroom counter or nightstand. $193

Fidelis GTG
Inspired by military utility and designed for everyday use, the Fidelis GTG (military speak for “good to go”) is built to handle any weekend jaunt. And with a ripstop interior, a waxed-canvas and ballistic-nylon construction, it can easily handle the battleground that is your daily commute. $225

Threepence Handmade Motorcycle Helmet Racks
Your helmet is the most important thing you wear when cruising around on your motorcycle; it’s about time you showed it the appreciation it deserves. The Threepence Handmade Helmet Racks get your helmet off that bland shelf and onto a 530 chain-and-oak mount. And when your helmet isn’t on it, it makes for great moto-esque wall art. $70+

Modern Romance
There’s no doubt the way we socially and romantically interact as a species has changed over the years. But Aziz Ansari refuses to think it’s all down to a “swipe-right or swipe-left” culture. In Modern Romance, Ansari, an NYU sociologist, and other social scientists compile a global study of the modern idea of romance. Expect it to be much funnier than any social science 101 reading you’ve seen before. $18

ChargePoint Home
Electric vehicle sales are on the rise, and they’d be growing even faster if it weren’t for “range anxiety”. ChargePoint Home aims to put the same type of charging access you have at work and around town right in your garage. 32-amp and 16-amp stations are available and are compatible with all EVs currently on the market. So when you want to upgrade from your Chevy Volt to a Tesla, you wont have to worry about changing chargers. $499

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