The Weekend Digest: Tales from Chile

GP editors choose their must-reads from ‘Tierra Pacifica,’ the ultimate travel guide to Chile.

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This past summer, we flew way south, to Chile, hungry for adventure at the opposite end of the world. We tracked pumas in icy Patagonia, rode snowboards in the Andes and mountain bikes in the high desert; chewed on coca leaves; tasted New-World wines and Old-World beers; tested the best gear in the world; and ate a humble lunch with one of the country’s top chef. We came back with a couple of blisters, a bag full of (handmade) souvenirs, and of slew of good stories, which we’re happy to share with you now.

Some of these stories are available to read now, with many others on their way next week. For a handful of exclusive content, unavailable online, we encourage you to order your copy of Gear Patrol Magazine: Issue 1, where we also roam the Pacific Northwest, circumnavigate Lake Superior and sit down with the outdoor legend Conrad Anker. — Jack Seemer

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A Notable Quote From The Week

“‘My purpose from the beginning was to give back to beer its nobility,’ he said, sitting in his brewpub in the middle of Valparaíso, Chile, swirling the house Irish Dry Stout in a wine glass.”

– Sergio Moran Valdes, Master Brewer of Casa Cerveceria Altamira

Tales from Chile

Across the Map

A Graffiti Tour of Valparaíso, Chile

A wave a young artists are painting Valparaíso, Chile anew.

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A Modular, Pro-Level Camera Bag that Delivers


The Boreas Aperture 38 pack is the perfect camera bag for adventure photographers.

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A Paradise in Patagonia

Nestled inside Torres del Paine National Park, the Explora Patagonia is the ideal lodging, regardless of season.

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Casa Cerveceria Altamira Wants to Change the Perception of Chilean Beer


Chilean craft beer had its heyday in the 19th century, but one brewer in Valparaíso is aiming to bring it back.

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Capturing Chile’s Stunning Landscape from Above

World-renowned photographer Bernhard Edmaier spent five weeks photographing the the varied and impressive landscape of Chile.

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72 Hours in Santiago, Chile

What to eat, drink and see in the capital city Santiago de Chile.

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