The Weekend Digest: The Coffee Issue

GP editors choose their must-reads from the Coffee Issue, a collection of stories about beans, roasters and must-have gear.

Peregrine Espresso

This week we turned our attention to coffee, a subject near and dear to us as writers who live in a city (NYC) that sleeps too little and plays too hard. Below you’ll find a handful of highlights, from our list of the best cafes in America, to the definitive guide to coffee beer. That said, be sure to stay tuned for more coffee coverage next week. We’ll be bringing you the guide to buying your perfect coffee table and a visual survey of NYC paper to-go cups, among other original stories and gear roundups.

Words Without Context

A Notable Quote From The Week

“If the sum of a drink’s parts can become something more — a “soul,” for the indulgent — then cupping is a trip to worship at a half-reverential, half-raucous church of the bean.”
Chris Wright

The Coffee Issue

How Do You Take It?

The 25 Best Coffee Shops in America

From Seattle to New Orleans to Hanover, these are the best places to get your caffeine fix in America.

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A Playlist for Cafe Culture at Home

This playlist incorporates a strong underlying pulse to complement the buzz from that perfectly pulled doppio.

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French Press, 9 Ways

If coffee is as much your source of pleasure as a source of caffeine, invest in a French press and get your brew perfect.

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5 Handsome Coffee Mugs for the Home or Office

Many variables go into the perfect cup of coffee, from the beans to brew method. But what about the cup?

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The Java Head’s Definitive Guide to Coffee Bear

Coffee meets beer in the ultimate marriage of breakfast beverage and party staple.

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How the Japanese Make Their Coffee

Sampling the Japanese tradition of nel drip coffee, which utilizes flannel filters for a dense, velvety cup.

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For Coffee Lovers, the Aeropress Is a Travel Necessity

An endorsement of the best single-cup coffee system that you can bring anywhere.

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What Does Your Coffee Taste Like?

What’s behind the “bark,” “peach cobbler” or “champagne” tasting notes on your bag of coffee beans? Lots of sniffing, slurping and spooning.

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