Increase Your Healthspan with Mikra

Mikra's CELLF gel is designed to help users rebuild and protect their cellular health.

mikra cell f dietary supplement

By this point, you’ve probably tried your share of gels, gummies and vitamins. Well Mikra is something else altogether. The team’s “CELLF” gel is a nutraceutical gel designed to help users rebuild and protect their cellular health. In doing so, fans can increase their ‘healthspan;’ i.e. the number of years you live your life really feeling healthy. At its core, the gel is powered by four main ingredients: Glutathione, CoQ10, PQQ and Lactoferrin. According to Mikra, when combined, these ingredients can protect your cellular health by actively reducing free radicals within your body and preventing tissue damage. They can also improve the speed and efficiency of mitochondria –– to improve your cellular health – and facilitate more energy production and availability at a cellular level. As a result, Mikra says users can access a wide range of benefits for their brain, nervous system, heart and circulatory health and enhance their athletic performance and recovery. Previous users have reported that CELLF can help enhance one’s short-term memory and attention, improve sleep quality, reduce fatigue and lead to increased levels of sustainable, natural energy. On top of that, the gel can act as a neuroprotectant, promote increased muscle power and a stronger output during aerobic exercise and protect heart tissues from oxidative stress. So if you’ve been looking for a one-stop, powerhouse product to change your quality of life – look no further than CELLF.

Price: One Time Purchase $98, One Month Subscription $88


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