This Versatile Power Station Is an Emergency – and Everyday – Essential

Use the DELTA 2 to power your home, camping trip or next adventure.

man using ecoflow delta 2 charger to charge his phone while taking a selfie with friends in backyard at night

It’s obvious to see that the DELTA 2 is a reliable, portable power station – but it’s so much more than that. The device is an essential part of every emergency, road trip or off-grid gear kit. If your electricity is knocked out, the Ecoflow DELTA 2 is equipped to immediately provide your home with power security. It's designed to power 90 percent of appliances and boasts a super fast charging time (reaching 80 percent power in just 50 minutes). Off-grid, the DELTA 2 can charge via solar in just a few hours. Whether you’re using the device to bring your campsite to life or brainstorming the best way to transform your backyard, the possibilities are endless. Hook the DELTA 2 up to a projector to create your own outdoor movie theater. Connect it to your laptop to create a mobile workstation, or channel its power through your favorite electric frying pan, stovetop or hot water boiler to create a mobile kitchen. On the go, store and provide enough energy to run any essentials, from power tools on the worksite to overlanding amenities. No matter what you’re using it for, the DELTA 2 is equipped to upgrade every adventure and empower you to dream even bigger.

Price: $999


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