Snap This Vape Device on Any Setup for a Smoother Ride

Compatible with any "glass-on-glass water piece," the Hyer can be used with dry herb or concentrate.

g pen’s hyer vaporizer
Grenco Science

Say goodbye to hemp wicks, blow torches and butane – it’s time to start riding a smoother wave. G Pen’s Hyer Vaporizer ($250) is a portable vaporizer designed to snap onto any bong, dab rig or "glass-on-glass water piece." The device can be used with concentrate or dry herb thanks to two separate compartments: a quartz concentrate tank and a ceramic herb oven. With five temperature and time settings, it’s easy to adjust every hit. The Hyer also boasts a long-lasting, fast-charging (USB-C compatible) battery that can power up to 30 cycles for wax or 50 for herb. Its battery and heater are separated to ensure no heating elements are exposed, and the tank housing is completely insulated. Couple these safety features with the device’s magnetic modular glass fittings, integrated dab tool and versatility, and you’ve got an excellent gift for the holiday tree lover in your life. As an added bonus, fans can take five percent off today with code: GEARPATROL.

Price: $250


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