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The Toyota Supra Is Finally Back After 20 Years, and We Test the DJI Osmos Action Camera

At long last, the Supra lives again – as a project co-developed with BMW.


In this episode of This Week In Gear: Will Sabel Courtney gets excited about the all-new Toyota Supra; Andrew Siceloff breaks down how well DJI’s new action camera stacks up against the competition fro Go Pro; and Will Price discusses the merits of a Traeger pellet-fuel grill. Also in this episode, John Zientek explains why the $650 Veilance Rhomb rain jacket is a great buy, and Oren Hartov discusses the new Kickstarter campaign by Astor+Banks to crowdfund the company’s Sea Ranger diving watch.

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Featured Products

2020 Toyota GR Supra


After a 20-year absence, the Supra is back, and its sites are aimed directly at the Porsche Cayman. Co-designed with BMW and sharing some of the Bavarian brand’s components – notably, its inline-six engine – the Supra features near-perfect weight distribution in a small, lithe package.

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Traeger Ironwood Wood Pellet Grill


Trager’s Ironwood grill is an app-connected, computer controlled grill and smoker that runs on wood pelletes, Traeger’s trademark fuel source. It makes grilling incredibly easy – fill wil pellets, set the temp, place the meat and monitor remotely.

Buy Now: $1,200Read Our Rundown: Here

DJI Osmos Action Camera


Entering the action camera market is the Osmo, a brand-new action camera by DJI. The company is well-known for its electronic image stabilization technology, notably used in its drones and gimbals; in the Osmo, it’s fully put to use. Aimed directly at the GoPro Hero7, DJI’s new camera performs similarly for $50 less.

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Veilance Rhomb Rain Jacket


Veilance, the brandless mega-high-end wing of Arc’Teryx, is known for sleek, technical apparel – the Rhmob takes that to the next level. It’s bewilderingly lightweight as well as breathable and completely waterproof.

Buy Now: $650

Astor + Banks Sea Ranger


Chicago-based Astor+Banks is launching a Kickstarter campaign for four versions of the $850 Sea Ranger diving watch, which will offer early bird pricing of roughly $550. The automatic watch features a Siww movement and will be available four colorways.

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