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How to Make Perfect Coffee Three Ways, Plus Neo-Vintage Hiking Boots & More

Pour-over, French press and drip coffee methods, Vasque’s all-new old hikers, a soon-to-be-released helmet and Samsung’s latest stylus phone.


In This Episode

Will Price sets the record straight on how to make prefect pour-over, drip and French Press coffee. Plus, Steve Mazzucchi loves his Neo-vintage Vasque Clarion 88 Hiking Boots, Tanner Bowden reviews the Lem Motiv Air Bike Helmet, and Eric Limer shows off the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+.

Featured Products:

Vasque Clarion 88 Hiking Boots ($160)
Lem Motiv Air Bike Helmet Coming Soon: Here
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ ($1,100-$1,200)

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