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Today in Gear: September 18, 2013

SwingByte 2 Wanna get all Moneyball on your golf game? SwingByte, the little dongle that attaches to your club to measure golf data on both iOS and Android, just upgraded to a new version that’s easier to attach.


SwingByte 2
Wanna get all Moneyball on your golf game? SwingByte, the little dongle that attaches to your club to measure golf data on both iOS and Android, just upgraded to a new version that’s easier to attach. A 360-degree visual representation of each swing, including angles, speeds, acceleration, etc., is available for review from a mobile device immediately after you hit the ball; after the back nine, analyze your entire swing history to track improvement and change. If only it could convince you to ditch the plaid pants. $149

Retaw x Baxter of California Car Tag
As a cabbie it’s hard to set yourself apart from the crowd — in an ocean of yellow, even gold blends in. But it’s the insides that really count, right? Eschew the pine and vanilla car tags in favor of this classy collaboration with Japanese scent designer retaW that infuses cedar, amber and oakmoss into decidedly artistic rearview mirror decor. The scent is called Galactic Cedar; the tag is adorned with a design of the celestial heavens. $16

Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner
If you’re going to clean vinyl records, brushes and suction-based tools don’t hold a candle to bubbles produced in reverse osmosis-purified water and microfiber cleaning barrels, right? (It’s called ultrasonic cavitation, dweeb.) Slip a record into this machine vertically and it slowly spins while getting the highest-tech shower imaginable. This process removes virtually any and all noise from even your oldest and (what you believed to be) cleanest vinyl. $3995 ()

Sony Head-Mounted Display
We won’t guarantee you’ll suddenly realize you’ve learned Kung Fu after using this headset, but plugging in could prove to be a very Keanu “whoa” moment all the same. The 320-gram unit streams video content from a console TV, phone, computer and other devices, delivering an HD experience that’s supposedly like “viewing a 750-inch cinema screen from 20m away”. WirelessHD tech lets you view a flick unencumbered; the included headphones are Sony-optimized with surround sound; and the device is designed to play nice with computer gaming experiences, too. sony.com

Harmon Kardon Soho-A Headphones
We’re torn about whether to put these on our skulls or leave them on our desk so we can look at ’em. 30mm drivers and neo-transducers make for exceptional sound, an inline remote keeps things efficient, and the whole package folds down to a tidy, portable package — if you insist on stowing these lookers. $200

Assos S7 Cycling Short
Based on an aero skinsuit developed specifically for the 2012 Olympic time trials, these lightweight, breathable cycling shorts featuring minimal seams and less friction than the previous iteration. Four models of the S7 will be available this December. assos.com

GTA V is the best possible send-off the aging PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 systems could have asked for. Five years of development and an estimated $260 million production budget were all put to good use creating a massive and highly detailed world, this time populated by three central protagonists players can switch between at the drop of the hat while fulfilling all manner of Heat-inspired fantasies. As always, a hefty coating of snark and the freedom to do practically anything you can imagine are present in full force, making this title the new crown jewel of one of the world’s biggest entertainment franchises. rockstargames.com

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